Zanamros Serpenthelm

Loyal Magistrate of Cardia


Zanamros Serpenthelm is Cardia’s elected representative to the Gravenholm Confederacy. A native of Cardia, he holds a lot of pride and loyalty for his hometown, and does what he can to uphold Cardia’s interests among the rest of the confederate cities.

Zanamros was born into humble beginnings as the son of a ship captain, and spent the better portion of his childhood traveling across the sea. He had the opportunity to see and learn about many different Elian cultures while sailing with his father, and developed an interest in politics while watching his father negotiate trade deals with foreign diplomats.

As the newly elected Magistrate, Zanamros is the youngest of the 3 confederate leaders, and often is viewed as an outsider among the rest of the Gravenholm council. His priorities to Cardia often affect his decisions, but he is generally well-meaning. He constantly worries about Cardia’s lack of defense along the ocean border, and is at the mercy of the confederacy for their military protection.

Zanamros Serpenthelm

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