Oswald Pegason

Passionate revolutionary for the people


Not much is known about Oswald Pegason, other than his devotion to the common folk of Cardia.

An outsider to Cardia and Gravenholm itself, Pegason first appeared in Cardia about six months ago. He learned of the delicate economy between the city and the Confederacy, and of the dynamic between fisherman and merchant. He met with a number of tradesmen and guild leaders, and began to work with them to improve working conditions.

A passionate and charismatic leader, Oswald convinced the poor, working class of Cardia to ask for more in their lives. He showed them that they don’t have to live in squalor, and has promised them to help improve their livelihood.

He is loved and adored by the Cardian poor, while the wealthy brand him as a liar and a swindler.


Oswald Pegason

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