Kal Durand

Hopeless illusionist lost to power beyond his control


Kal Durand was a quiet and exceptionally bookish man. He had always dreamed of being one of history’s great illusionists, but never could master the major tricks. He was practicing spells in the woods nearby one day and was approached by a mysterious man in a purple cloak. The man handed him a box containing two orbs that he said would “contain all the answers he ever wanted.” The man did not tell him his name and did not have any defining characteristics, with the exception of a red and gold armband.

Kal touched one of the orbs and saw flashes of terrifying demons and other nether creatures, and soon realized this was more evil beyond his comprehension. For weeks, the orbs sat there filling his mind with horrifying images until he couldn’t distinguish reality from fiction. He states that he started to feel this overwhelming power, and that people began to just start doing things on his behalf. Eventually, people would throw themselves at him at the slightest suggestion. He fashioned the orbs onto staves in order to be able to wield this newfound power.

Kal Durand

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