Chapter 1: The Confederacy of Gravenholm

The youngest of Elia’s civilized nations, Gravenholm is a collection of independently sovereign colonies unified under a common banner. Gravenholm is a portmanteau of its founders, Bram Gravendar and Davan Raatholm, who successfully united a number of scattered human colonies in an effort to share resources and provide defense.

Since its founding a few hundred years ago, Gravenholm has expanded its borders to include some of the nearby Halfling colonies. The Halflings have agreed to provide villages aide with agriculture in exchange for defense against raiding bandits. Most recently, the Confederacy has agreed to include the Orc commune of Urth-Grohar, which has sparked a lot of controversy among its population.

Gravenholm is governed by elected officials from the three major city-states, Atmor, Talinden, and Cardia.