Varis Blackheart

Wood Elf Rogue Archer


Physical Description
Varis is a Wood Elf. He stands about six feet tall and two hundred pounds. The Astral Plane left his body wind scarred, and his eyes and hair have changed from a light brown to jet black. The number 50-366 is tattooed on his left wrist, which was his slave number he received in Tu’narath. He keeps his hands and wrists wrapped in black cloth to help with stability while shooting his bow, but it also serves to protect his identity as an escaped slave. Although he is only about 150 years old, he lived for centuries in the Astral Plane as a slave to the Githyanki.

AC – 17
HP – 26
Speed – 35
Initiative – 5
Primary Stat – Dex – 20
Ranged – Longbow
Close – Rapier / Dagger

Str – 12 (1)
Dex – 20 (5)
Con – 14 (2)
Int – 14 (2)
Wis – 16 (3)
Cha – 17 (3)


Varis Blackheart
Varis is a wood elf, hailing from the Kingdom of Vameral. He served as a scout for Vameral’s army for 50 years, eventually climbing to the rank of General. His weapon of choice is his trusted longbow, Spitfire. He also carries a dagger that was acquired from the Githyanki.

The Kingdom of Vameral
Vameral is a river kingdom north of Zimara, and South of Norhalea. The patron deity of Vameral is Tritherion, which is a leading factor to the city’s good alignment. The large capitol contains nine districts, not including the castle itself. The districts range from the slums of Xink up to the high-end nobles of the Castle District. The Garden District features winding paths through various flowerbeds, nature exhibits, and feature many exotic plants and trees. The Market District contains just about any goods and services that one may need, from lowbrow thrift markets to high end magic and weapon shops. The River District is home to most of the city’s middle class, while the upper class and city administration reside in Middleton. Three gate districts contain visitor information, city information, and guard the entrances and exits to the city.
King Hartlon, like the kingdom he rules, is of good alignment. He is not an arrogant ruler, as he often consults his board of advisors and generals when making decisions for the good of the kingdom.
Cities allied and ruled in conjunction with Vameral include Starlight, Minerva, and Muris. Starlight is the only pass through the southern mountains leading to Vameral. Minerva and Muris are on the north coast and are primarily trade cities. The primary naval force is located in Muris.

War with Norhalea
The downfall of Varis began with the war with Norhalea. Mind Flayers had infested the Norhaalean Kingdom, and awakened a Kraken to reestablish their presence on the Prime Material Plain. Varis helped King Hartlon devise a plan to defeat the Kraken and infiltrate the city. From the moment the battle began, the plan fell right into place. All was going well until a portal opened above Norhalea, and the Githyanki came to rid the Prime Material of the Mind Flayer infestation. The Gith came on the backs of red dragons and a large, floating astral ship. The Kraken was destroyed at the same time the Illithid colony was excavated. While the Gith were returning to the Astral Plane, they abducted several soldiers to be slaves in Tu’narath. Varis was among the soldiers captured.
Varis worked for what could have been an eternity in the Gith gem mines. While working the mines, he dug a secret tunnel to the forest to the mine’s west. He waited until he had the perfect opportunity and made his escape. Varis snuck through Tu’narath to retrieve his belongings, and then wandered the wastes for months until he found the silver portal back to the Prime Material. The portal emptied him directly into (HENDERSON’S HOME CITY) where he is beginning to get a grip on the reality that centuries in the Astral Plane equated to mere minutes in the Prime Material.

Varis’s Flaws, Merits, and Goals
Varis has several downsides and flaws. As an escaped slave from the Astral Plane, he is hunted by the Githyanki. He is unfamiliar with the location that he is currently in, and is getting used to the physics of the real world again. He keeps his slave tattoo covered with black cloth from his hands to mid forearm. His experiences have left him a cold individual.
Because of his escape through Tu’narath, Varis is proficient at sneaking and perception. He is deadly with his bow (named Spitfire). He also stole a silver dagger from the Gith that he uses in close quarters along with his rapier. Varis’s experiences in the army as a scout and general gave him proficiencies in Survival, Slight of Hand, and Investigation. Being a fit soldier allowed him to be naturally athletic. Varis is not one to rush into battle. He often observes his opponents, utilizing strategy and surprise to one-up his adversaries.
Varis seeks revenge on his Gith abductors, as well as to be reunited with the Armies of Vameral. He is patient, and knows he must wait until the timing is right (Much like his escape). Throughout his adventures, Varis will ask for clues to the location of Vameral, his fellow soldiers, his king, and Gith whereabouts.

Varis Blackheart

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