Warforged Fighter Battle Master


A 6’6", 300lb living construct

Broad metallic shoulders stand almost higher than a face that looks human-like but without features such as a nose, ears, teeth, etc. Metallic-plated armor sits on top skin that almost seems alive with a hum of wood, metal, gears, and magic that churn beneath it. If you were unaware of what a warforged was, one may confuse them for a living suit of armor. Sentinel stands always alert with an almost battle-ready focus. Situated above his vaguely-humanoid hands you see bracers etched with carvings that indicate where he keeps weapons at the ready. Next to the etched insignia on his forehead indicating the house that he has been made loyal to you see a scar that seems to almost dim the glow in his left eye. A not-so-subtle and chilling reminder that though his occupation has changed, he was forged for one reason and one reason alone: war.

Str – 20
Dex – 15
Con – 17
Int – 12
Wis – 13
Cha – 10

HP 33

AC – 18 (Splint Mail + 1 racial bonus) or 20 (Splint Mail + Shield + 1 racial bonus)

1 Electric Spear
8 attack
1d6+7+1d6+1 damge

Great Sword
d20+7 attack
2d6+5 damage

Heavy Crossbow
d20+4 attack
1d10+2 damage


Last remnants wars long passed, Warforged exist in society as paid guards, field hands, hired help, or in other roles where strong physical disposition and ever alertness are valued. Sentinel is no exception to this rule. Sentinel’s life can be summarized into two eras: Pre-war and post-war.

When first forged by the Creation Forge for the Great War he was given the name and occupation of “Sentinel” for his purpose was to stand as a stalwart guard for particular high-ranking officers and officials. Being physically imposing, always alert, and quick to react to threats became his primary directives. Over years of vigilantly protecting and listening to the lives of officials in times of war, Sentinel began to wonder what life was outside of brick walls and battle fields. It wasn’t until after the Great War had passed that he was granted his freedom and was suddenly forced to question his own place in the world around him.

It wasn’t until after months of wandering in silence questioning his own existence along with the balance of law and order when Sentinel happened upon a frail old man surrounded by thieves. Suddenly feeling a need to not only interfere for duty’s sake but also with a new sense of right and wrong, Sentinel quickly dispatched the thieves and tended to the wounded old man. The old man, a tinkerer of sorts, feeling in debt to Sentinel, took him under his wing to teach him about the world he was so very disconnected from and tended to his battle-scarred . Sentinel, feeling in debt to the old man for his kindness and desperately in search of renewed purpose, vowed to serve as his new protector for as long as the old man would have him.


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