Flint Gemhide

Mountain Dwarf Paladin


Flint Gemhide honors his ancient god through his passion for life and acting as a “light in the darkness” for others. While not quick to anger, he is also not hesitant to come to the aid of others. A natural story teller, Flint often finds himself in the local alehouse when he is not adventuring, captivating all who hear him with tales of his conquests. His time in the caverns and mountains has left him with an affinity for stone and beginning magics of lithomancy, whole Grom’s power flows through him like a forge’s fire. Though only standing 4 ft tall, when Flint Gemhide takes to the battlefield in his flawless, black armor and the Flaming Eye of Grom, he is truely an imposing force.

Flint wields a hammer in combat, but his shield is the thing of legends. The obsidian is somehow luminous and pitch black. Adorned with two rubies to honor Grom, the shield is said to have stopped a cannonball and shattered a giant’s fist (although these stories come from Flint himself) When blessed with Grom’s protection, the rubies, seem to glow a fiery red.


Born 250 years ago to the Hammerhand Clan, Flint Gemhide grew up in the protective embrace of the mountains. Armed with a brilliant silver hammer and shield, Flint gained renown protecting his village from outside threats, seeming to command the very earth on which they built their homes.

When the village that held him high regard as their protector was ambushed by a dragon in the night, Flint acted too late, and was the only one to survive. Unable Flint retreated to the ancient tunnels of his people, in shame.

While wandering the tunnels Flint, delirious from fatigue and guilt saw fiery floating eyes in the dark caverns, the sign of Gorm Gulthyn. His courage and fire for battle restored, he swore his devotion to Gorm and vowed to act as his light in the darkness.

Bestowed with newfound courage, Flint returned to the ruins of his village. Digging through the remains, he found that his hammer and shield were melted in the attack that destroyed his home. Using all he had, he crafted himself new armor from the obsidian left in the wake of the dragon’s attack.

Now armed with a brilliant black shield and hammer, Flint has taken a vow to be a light in the darkness and a beacon of hope and protection for others. Without a home, he travels from village to village, sharing stories of his travels, and imparting on the townsfolk, his knowledge of combat.

Flint Gemhide

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