The Worlds of Elia

Chapter 3: Cardian Uprising

The team of Sentinel, Flint, Zelvan, and Dingleberry arrive back in Cardia late into the night. Since the Magistrate is gone for the day, they look for an inn or some other type of lodging. A traveling villager points them in the direction of the residential district toward the inland side of the city, and so they make their way inland to find place to stay.

As they navigate their way through the crowded streets, they wander into the residential slums, where the poorest of Cardia's poor congregate. As they walk, Zelvan feels something brush against his backside, and soon realizes he's been robbed of 40 gold. Zelvan and the rest of the group chase after the figure escaping them, and tracks the figure to what looks like an abandoned shack. Flint kicks down the door to find a group of three children in ripped blankets huddled around a fire. He surmises that the oldest of the three is the thief, and attempts to calmly ask for the money back. The girl spits at his feet and the two younger boys run out of the room.

Flint, Sentinel, and Dingleberry try again to reason with the girl, while subsequently restraining Zelvan from forceably taking the money back. They eventually agree to let her keep the gold, in exchange for letting them crash for the night. The girl agrees and thanks them for the money. Flint, overcome by guilt, offers to make amends by repairing their door.

The next day, the group walks outside and encounters a mob of angry citizens in the making. A man is yelling phrases like "Down with the Highborn!" to the group of people, who are responding with an equivalent tone of anger. The whole situation looks as though it could escalate violently, so Flint and Dingleberry decide to approach the mob and try to calm them down. Sentinel and Zelvan, meanwhile, head to the Consulate to meet with the Magistrate.

Flint walks up to the mob, who immediately grow silent and all stare back at the outsider. The man leading the group tells them to leave and mind their own business, as this is no place for outsiders. Flint urges them that he is a commoner just like them, and is able to convince the man to let him help. The man introduces himself as Oswald Pegason, and explains that he and the rest of the common folk have had enough of the class difference in Cardia. The commoners in the slums work all day on the fishing boats and risk their lives, and only the coastline reaps the rewards. He tells Flint and Dingleberry that they are going to change things, and asks them to join in arms to help them. 

Flint and Dingleberry, not wanting to have this blood on their hands, try to instead diffuse the situation. Oswald agrees to back off if they can convince the Magistrate to speak with him. And so, Flint and Dingleberry run to catch up with their comrades at the Consulate.

Meanwhile, Sentinel and Zelvan meet with Zanamros, and present the flaming axe as the relic he's been looking for. The Magistrate is pleased, and sincerely thanks the pair for their hard work. Zelvan tries to warn Zanamros that a mob is forming in the residential district, but Zanamros plays it off as the simple lies of a common swindler. The Magistrate's hurried tone and overall tense demeanor make Sentinel a bit curious to his intentions. Knowing of the axe's great power, Sentinel asks why the Magstrate needs it, but the Magistrate does not give an answer. Sentinel fears he is being played, and attempts to take the axe back from the Magistrate, but it is too late. Zanamros calls in his guards to forcibly remove the two.

Sentinel and Zelvan meet up with Flint and Dingleberry outside of the Consulate. Now that they've all heard a different side of the story, they try and figure out who to trust, and how to stop a civil war from breaking out. They group decides to go back to Oswald and convince him to lay down his arms. 

They find Oswald in a pub right outside the city slums. Oswald is already a few drinks in, and barely seems to remember his conversation with Flint only an hour before. Flint approaches him at the bar and asks what can be done to stop from attacking the citizens. Oswald responds with vague rhetoric about the rich taking from the poor, and how his people put themselves in danger all the time just to pay for the wealthy livelihood.

Finally, Oswald gets to the point, which is money. He says a large sum of money will be distributed among the people, and will keep them happy and contained. He wants to use the money to start rebuilding the slums, and to eventually improve his people's quality of life. Flint agrees and goes back to the group to discuss Oswald's proposal.

Most of the team seem more than eager to part with their newfound wealth in order to prevent a potential crisis, but it is Zelvan who needs more convincing. Flint takes Zelvan with him to the pub to speak with Oswald face-to-face. Oswald pleads his case once more to Zelvan, who seems skeptical at first. Oswald is eventually able to convince Zelvan, and he and Flint hand over most of the remaining gold and trinkets found in the tomb. Oswald thanks them and offers them with an empty house in the residential quarter as gratitude. He tells them they are welcome in Cardia anytime, and can think of this as their second home.

As the group walks over to check out their new house, they decide to pay the Consulate another visit. The Magistrate is gone, but the Historian is sitting at her desk, and looks absolutely relived to see the group made it out of the tomb alive. She is energized by their story of the ghosts in the tomb, and asks them if they found anything down there. Flint shows her the glowing red necklace he took from the woman's corpse, but declined to give it to Thola, fearing the power to be too great. Thola understands but it disappointed, and politely asks the group to leave.

On their way back to the house, an odd man muttering to himself walks right into Sentinel without looking. He quickly recognizes the group as the adventurers who braved the Tomb of Ratatoskr. He then introduces himself as Kevorin Droverson, president of the Cardian Merchant's Alliance. He explains that he works with a lot of rich clients throughout the continent; many of whom would pay high price for rare artifacts. Flint shows him the same glowing necklace, and Droverson offers them a hefty sum of gold right on the spot. They negotiate a price as well as a discount to his store, and happily hand over the necklace.

Charged by the fact that they prevented an all-out civilian war and turned quite a profit, the group settles in to rest in their new home in Cardia.


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